How to use social media to grow your brand

Alright, so in the previous articles that we’ve written, we mentioned that one of the key factors in growing your brand is having a good social media presence, but we never actually explained how you can do that, oops!
A good social media presence is like having a live audience in front of you 24/7 who are exposed to your product or content that you’d like to sell or promote. But it’s also important to not make the most common mistakes that rookies make!


First Impressions are everything!

A clean and attractive design with a catchy twitter handle or name can quickly grasp the attention of the average user. Never skimp on the graphics, if your social media profiles look like a 5 year old put something together in Microsoft Paint, then why would they want to buy anything off of you? It’s like being dressed nice for a date, you’ve gotta look your best to make a good impression!


Be Honest

Speaking of good impressions, don’t mislead your audience, all too often we’ve seen startup companies and mid sized bloggers start posting clickbait just to pull traffic. While in some cases that may be good, a good portion of those users will never come back to you.


Get a pro to do it for you!

Hire a good social media manager. This may sound like a total waste of money and you’re probably asking yourself “Why would I pay someone to sit on twitter all day?!”  Well, that person will be managing your companies profile live online, so it’s important that you have someone who knows what kind of image you want to keep and the content that you want to promote. Unless you’re confident enough to spend time on it yourself.


Keep it short and sweet.

Tie in the attractive design with a catchy and snappy title or sentence. When someone is scrolling through their timeline they only stop when they see something that captures their attention so reading a paragraph in a span of 2 seconds isn’t realistic. Stick to making it short and to the point.


Keep a watchful eye.

Monitor your audience through something like Google Analytics to see what age most of your audience is and their countries. Shape your social media with them in the centre as they are your main readers and potential customers!


Good things come to those who wait.. and work hard smart!

Growth is steady, it’s not something that will shoot up overnight unless you’re getting some serious cross promotion from other companies or personas. Patience is key!


Respect your audience.

Whether it’s 1 follower or 10,000, treat them like they are your 1st.  But don’t overdo it, many people find it off putting to see companies sucking up to them too much.

Do plenty of research on your audience and stay up to date on content that you post and use appropriate tags and mentions!


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