Web hosting terminology in layman’s terms

  Domain name and Domain Name Registration Choosing a domain name is a very important part of your website success. It is most important for business users but individuals shouldn’t disregard a proper domain name as well. Your domain name is the way for Internet users to locate you or your business online. Domain name is your address on the web. You might have heard of first level domains, second level domains and third level domains. Let’s see what they stand for. First level or top level domains (TLDs) TLDs cannot be registered by general Internet users. TLDs are

Web hosting at a glance

What is a Website? Let’s say you have some information which you would like to share over the Internet.  Now your first step will be to find a person who is called web developer or website developer who will help you to arrange your information in the shape of a website. It will be a set of files and images.  Your website can be about your business, your ideas, your family or beloved cat. There are usually close to none limitations on the website topic. Getting online Once your website is ready, you or your website developer will need to