Personal Data Backup with Acronis- 3 features that makes it the best

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More than 5 million people in the world use ‘Acronis True Image’. This provides backup for operating systems, Office 365, files, applications, settings, photos and videos. This solution is available for Laptops, PCs, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Continue Reading


Data concerns of Microsoft Office 365 [Backup, Recovery, GDPR compliance] you should know.

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Although Office 365 has data retention, it is data recovery you should be concerned about. Backup and GDPR compliance are also concerns. This is where the third party cloud backup services support and supplement the functionality of your office 365. Continue Reading


Top 5 Benefits Why Acronis is the Best Cloud Backup Service

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whether you are a company of 1 or 1000, having your cloud data backup and access to restore it anytime is the insurance to secure and protect your data assets. Acronis is a global leader in cyber protection, it is consistently successful with more than 500,000 business customers across the globe. Continue Reading