No-Deal Brexit and Data Protection. What you need to know!

As the Brexit day, 31st October approaches, companies are bracing themselves against the upcoming changes. In case of ‘No-Deal’ Brexit, companies in Ireland that are associated with UK companies are going to witness significant impact on data protection. With Brexit, the UK will be a treated like a third country. The transfer of data and the way data is shared with UK companies associated with those of Ireland will change. If you are an Irish company transferring data with a UK-based company or a company with its IT server or cloud service in UK, you should start thinking about ways to safeguard your data.

The data protection commission of Ireland recently released a guidance that provides information on personal data transfers to and from the UK in the event of ‘no-deal’ Brexit. Here is the link Guidance on Transfers of Personal Data from Ireland to the UK in the Event of a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit.