CentOS: how to deal with a folder containing very large number of files

  So, you’ve left that cron running for a couple of months and now you have several hundreds of thousands of files in one folder that you would love to delete but you cannot even list them? The situation is rather trivial if you can just delete the folder with all it’s contents but what do you do if there are other files in the folder that shouldn’t be removed? First of all it is good to understand how many files you have in the folder. In order to check how many files you have in specific folder on CentOS first navigate to the folder

How to install SSL Certificate on WHM with root access

So, you’ve purchased your first SSL certificate, received an email from Certificate Authority but have no idea where to head next? First of all log in as root to WHM panel at http://yourdomain.com:2086 Go to SSL/TLS in the Main screen Click  Generate SSL Certificate and Signing Request icon On the Create a New Cert form enter all corresponding and actual information. Make sure to enter the exact domain name that you are going to secure. In most cases cpanel.yourdomain.com will not be covered by certificate issued to yourdomain.com