3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

Everyone wants people to visit their website and gain traction, it’s a fact. But not everyone knows HOW to encourage people to visit their website and gain the target audience they require. There’s an abundance of different articles throughout the web that tell you to do this and that and “SEO” that to some means absolute gibberish. Fear not! We have good news for you! You don’t need to be overly tech savvy or be a marketing genius to boost traffic to your site. You just have to think logically. Let’s start with a technique that has been proven to be a success time and time again.    Optimizing Website Content If your […]

3 Quick Tips To SEO Optimization for E-commerce Websites

I think it’s safe to say that wanting to be at the top of search results and above all of your competitors is something that we all want. Badly. But wait, what if you aren’t implementing some simple SEO tips and tricks that could get you to the top? Well, if you are missing the clicks, you’re more than likely also missing the sales and that’s not what you want now is it? Whether you’re a startup with a brand new website or have been in business for a long time, there’s always room for improvement, and hopefully with this guide you can do just that.   Market Research Before you do anything, […]

Turn Chat Into Sales – OpenCart Messenger Extension

As it stands now, you’re already able to interact with your OpenCart customers using messenger. Thanks to iSenseLabs, their existing OpenCart extension that connected Facebook Messener to your store were done through the means of a popup that gave visitors the ability to start a conversation with you. Those were the days of the past because now, iSenseLabs has created a new version of the extension. This means that your customers can talk to you in real time without even leaving the store page!     How Does Messenger Benefit My Business? Being able to instantly engage with your customers is a wonderful thing, and thanks to Messenger you also have access to helpful […]

Atlassian Summit 2017 – Barcelona

Atlassian Summit – Barcelona 2017 What an event! It’s such a pleasure to be back here for the 2nd time. We got an opportunity to see some of the new exciting things that the Atlassian team is bringing to their products which will greatly enhance workflow and productivity in the workplace.

How to install SSL Certificate on WHM with root access

So, you’ve purchased your first SSL certificate, received an email from Certificate Authority but have no idea where to head next? First of all log in as root to WHM panel at http://yourdomain.com:2086 Go to SSL/TLS in the Main screen Click  Generate SSL Certificate and Signing Request icon On the Create a New Cert form enter all corresponding and actual information. Make sure to enter the exact domain name that you are going to secure. In most cases cpanel.yourdomain.com will not be covered by certificate issued to yourdomain.com

SSL Certificate: do you need it and which one to choose?

Choosing the right SSL Certificate. You will start considering purchase of SSL Certificate for your website once you start collecting user’s sensitive data. It doesn’t have to be specifically credit card information but any information that your visitors consider private, like home address or phone number. You will need a separate dedicated IP address to setup your SSL certificate, so if you are using shared hosting, make sure that your service provider will be able to provide you one. There can be additional charges associated with setting up a dedicated IP for you. So make sure that you’ve taken all the costs into account.