Whether you are an experienced Magento developer or you’re just starting out with Magento, it’s inevitable that during that time you will meet many of the common problems.

How Do I Reset The Administrator Password In Magento?

One of the most common problems Magento users might face, especially newbies, is resetting the administrator password in Magento. In order to do this you’ll have to reset it directly through the database. Go to cPanel – phpMyAdmin, now select your Magento database from the menu on the left hand side. Following that, click on the SQL tab and paste the query below.

UPDATE admin_user SET password=CONCAT(MD5('NEWPASSWORD'), ':sG') WHERE username='AdminUsername'; 

You can now set your new password in the MD5('NEWPASSWORD') 

How Do I Add A “Contact Us” Form?

So you want to add your company’s contact details but don’t know how to integrate it into Magento? No problem! Magento includes contact form functionality but it’s not very user friendly, editing wise. You can do this by creating a CMS page and adding your contact form as a static blow as follows:

  1. Create a CMS Page
  2. Select that CMS page which you want to edit
  3. Paste the following code
 <!– CONTACT FORM CODE BEGIN–>{ {block type='core/template' name='contactForm' template='contacts/form.phtml'} }<!– CONTACT FORM CODE END–>

How Do I Make A Customer Group?

You can create a new customer group from the admin panel.  Customers – Customer Groups and from there you will see all the predefined customer groups.

Click the “Add New Customer Group” button and from there a “New Customer Group” section appears on the screen.

You can now enter a new customer group name.

You can also select the tax class of the customer group you wish to create.

Once you are done you can click the “Save Customer Group” 

How Do I Setup A Blog in Magento?

Alright, so you want to setup a blog in Magento to publish posts in relation to your products and ultimately improve your SEO. It’s not that difficult to set up a blog for your Magento store, however you should know that blog functionality isn’t set to default in Magento. You require an additional extension in order to use it. From Magento Connect, you can find many free and paid extensions to choose from.

One of the most popular CMS extensions right now is Magento CMS Pro, with a very easy installation, you just can’t beat it.

How Can I Fix The “Access Denied” Problem?

If you haven’t tried already, log out of Magento admin area and then log in again. This is one probable solution.

If that fails, you might have to reset the admin privileges. You can do so through the admin area in Magento under “System” – “Permissions” – “Roles” – “Administrators”

Also make sure that the resource access is set to “All”

Click the “Save Role” button and now the permissions will be reset and that problem should be fixed.