How To Manually Restore a WordPress Site From a Backup

Backup services are great, the ones that allow you to automatically restore your site whenever it goes down. On the other hand, if you’ve opted in to (like the majority of wordpress users) to rely on backup plugins or manual backups, you’ll want to know how to restore it manually. Every WordPress site consists of 2 parts. There is  the files, and the database. Both of these need to be restored individually otherwise you will run into a plethora of issues.   Downloading your backup Let’s start by assuming that you already have a copy of your site and you just need to restore it. Once you’ve got a usable backup of both […]

The Best Way To Handle Website Downtime

Whether it’s routine maintenance or you’ve accidentally deleted a file in your website’s directory, downtime sucks. Especially if you have active customers and clients. This post will highlight the several ways to handle website downtime. Making your website entirely inaccessible, should be your last resort. Some cases require that but you need to keep your users and SEO ranking in mind before doing so.   The Temporary Shutdown The vast majority of cases are temporary shutdowns because you’re performing a couple of updates and require to take the website down for a short period of time. But your users and search engines that index your website don’t know that! Your users at the […]

How To Secure Your WordPress Site Against Common Threats

One of the most crucial aspects of your new (or old) wordpress sites is security. This article is written to help you understand the fundamentals of WordPress security, we aim to give you knowledge to understand “who” is attacking your wordpress site and how they can potentially succeed and get into it. A really important thing to ask yourself is “Who is attacking my site?” We’ve broken this down into 3 categories that stand out as the most common means of attack. Humans: There is someone sitting at a PC physically looking for exploits and probing it for vulnerabilities.  Focuses on attacking one site at a time. Slow but very thorough and usually target […]