Digital Business Support- Bring Your Business Online

COVID-19 has created a huge impact on businesses, especially local businesses. Consumer behaviour pattern has significantly changed over the last 6 months and hence prompting businesses to go online. A recent report from Statista, states that between January and March 2020, retail platforms around the world have undergone 6% global traffic increase. This indicates the need for businesses to go online and upgrade their websites to eCommerce. Having a website with relevant web content, offers, pricing and promotions to suit customer types and preferences has become more important than before. With the changing behaviour of the consumers, businesses should make sure to have websites that provide security and control-ability to make necessary settings […]

Irish Companies using UK Data Services Post Brexit

Irish companies are being advised to review their data services and storage in the UK. The Irish government has issued advice to Irish businesses that may be storing personal data in the UK or UK Cloud Based Services in regards to Brexit. Irish companies need to ensure that all the sufficient protections are in place so that they can seamlessly transfer personal data post Brexit. This includes but is not limited to: mailing lists, payrolls and any data storage or web hosting where personal data is involved. The Government says that it’s currently working with it’s partners in the EU to ensure that all the necessary protections are in place post Brexit. Protection […]

HTTP 503 Error – What is it and how do I fix it?

503 – Service Unavailable This error is quite common when the web server is unable to handle a request due to either 1) Overloading or 2) The server is currently undergoing maintenance. It’s important to note that this is a TEMPORARY error and service will be returned to normal after some downtime. Why am I getting it? Some of the most common reasons for receiving a 503 error: Spiking traffic to the website Inadequate resources for the website (DDoS) Attack Automatic Updates going on in the background How do I fix it? These are the most common reasons for receiving this error message. If you are getting a message that has or has any relation […]

3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

Everyone wants people to visit their website and gain traction, it’s a fact. But not everyone knows HOW to encourage people to visit their website and gain the target audience they require. There’s an abundance of different articles throughout the web that tell you to do this and that and “SEO” that to some means absolute gibberish. Fear not! We have good news for you! You don’t need to be overly tech savvy or be a marketing genius to boost traffic to your site. You just have to think logically. Let’s start with a technique that has been proven to be a success time and time again.    Optimizing Website Content If your […]

The Best Way To Handle Website Downtime

Whether it’s routine maintenance or you’ve accidentally deleted a file in your website’s directory, downtime sucks. Especially if you have active customers and clients. This post will highlight the several ways to handle website downtime. Making your website entirely inaccessible, should be your last resort. Some cases require that but you need to keep your users and SEO ranking in mind before doing so.   The Temporary Shutdown The vast majority of cases are temporary shutdowns because you’re performing a couple of updates and require to take the website down for a short period of time. But your users and search engines that index your website don’t know that! Your users at the […]

Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting, although sounds like an absolute deal of a lifetime, is not a good practice for legitimate businesses or their websites. For alot of small businesses and startups, owning a website is a crucial aspect for their success. Unfortunately, owning and maintaining a website can be quite expensive. Even if you decide to build a website yourself and cut down on the hiring a professional web designer, you still need to pay for web hosting and a domain name. Although web hosting is not expensive, it is a continuous service that you must pay for. Most web hosting companies charge around $5 to $10 per month for their most basic packages. […]

How To Secure Your WordPress Site Against Common Threats

One of the most crucial aspects of your new (or old) wordpress sites is security. This article is written to help you understand the fundamentals of WordPress security, we aim to give you knowledge to understand “who” is attacking your wordpress site and how they can potentially succeed and get into it. A really important thing to ask yourself is “Who is attacking my site?” We’ve broken this down into 3 categories that stand out as the most common means of attack. Humans: There is someone sitting at a PC physically looking for exploits and probing it for vulnerabilities.  Focuses on attacking one site at a time. Slow but very thorough and usually target […]

What is Cloud Hosting?

What is cloud hosting? And how does it work? The cloud is a word that’s thrown around a lot these days by big companies but you never really stop to wonder “How does it really work?” In order to be able to understand that, you need to be able to envision what this “cloud” is. We are here to explain to you, what the meaning of cloud hosting and how it can benefit your business. First things first, let’s understand what the “cloud is” In a nutshell it is a hoard of servers that are used to store large amounts of data between each other. So if per say, one server is already […]