Cryptojacking: A rising threat to your cybersecurity

Cryptojacking attacks increased by 8,500% in 2017 and the threat continues.

There are two ways to protect yourself from cryptojacking. One, prevent it from happening in the first place by consciously choosing what link to click, what websites to visit and where to download and upgrade software. Two, use data protection and cybersecurity software. A recent whitepaper by IDC revealed that a combination of data protection and cybersecurity is an effective method to safeguard your data from threat

Irish Companies using UK Data Services Post Brexit

Irish companies are being advised to review their data services and storage in the UK. The Irish government has issued advice to Irish businesses that may be storing personal data in the UK or UK Cloud Based Services in regards to Brexit. Irish companies need to ensure that all the sufficient protections are in place so that they can seamlessly transfer personal data post Brexit. This includes but is not limited to: mailing lists, payrolls and any data storage or web hosting where personal data is involved. The Government says that it’s currently working with it’s partners in the EU to ensure that all the necessary protections are in place post Brexit. Protection […]

How To Manually Restore a WordPress Site From a Backup

Backup services are great, the ones that allow you to automatically restore your site whenever it goes down. On the other hand, if you’ve opted in to (like the majority of wordpress users) to rely on backup plugins or manual backups, you’ll want to know how to restore it manually. Every WordPress site consists of 2 parts. There is  the files, and the database. Both of these need to be restored individually otherwise you will run into a plethora of issues.   Downloading your backup Let’s start by assuming that you already have a copy of your site and you just need to restore it. Once you’ve got a usable backup of both […]

3 Most Common Security Threats and How to Fix Them

In this day and age, windows defender and a spam filter on your email account just isn’t going to cut it anymore. The landscape of cybersecurity breaches and vulnerabilities is constantly changing and to protect ourselves, we must evolve with it. Sure, it’s great that the majority of us are all educated enough to not click on “suspicious” links in an email or text, but what do you do when it happens by accident? You were browsing through your email and when you opened that fishy email, your hand slipped and you clicked into it? In this case, the preventive measures are simply not enough. To minimize the damage caused by a cybersecurity […]

Disabling SSLv3 for POODLE

Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption (POODLE) was released with the CVE identifier of CVE-2014-3566. This vulnerability was discovered in SSL 3.0. This is different to the “HeartBleed” vulnerability which was discovered in OpenSSL. SSL protocol 3.0 has a vulnerability in which CBC-modde ciphers allow “man in the middle” attacks through the use of padding-oracle stacks. This targets the ciphers and allows the retrieval of plain-text from what should otherwise be, encrypted information.   Impacts of Disabling SSLv3 For the most part, there is no impact for people in disabling SSLv3 due to the fact that the large majority of connections rely on TLS. It is advisable to not only disable SSLv3 on server […]

HTTP 503 Error – What is it and how do I fix it?

503 – Service Unavailable This error is quite common when the web server is unable to handle a request due to either 1) Overloading or 2) The server is currently undergoing maintenance. It’s important to note that this is a TEMPORARY error and service will be returned to normal after some downtime. Why am I getting it? Some of the most common reasons for receiving a 503 error: Spiking traffic to the website Inadequate resources for the website (DDoS) Attack Automatic Updates going on in the background How do I fix it? These are the most common reasons for receiving this error message. If you are getting a message that has or has any relation […]

Managed Hosting or In-House Hosting? Web Hosting Guide

The choice of hosting for your business’s products or applications is crucial. It determines how your infrastructure in the  IT department scales and performs. Every business is different and hence so are their requirements. Some can make do with few resources allocated to them, others need terabytes upon terabytes of storage and enough processing power to blow your socks off (figuratively speaking). There are a few different types of hosting facilities that companies offer. The main being: Colocation: This is when servers and networking hardware are owned by a firm but they are stored and controlled from a third party data center with the help of remote management or on-site management. In-House Hosting: All the […]