Price Increase on Products and Services from Feb 2023

Over the last few months, we have seen inflation with everything, from the price of groceries to household items and electricity. We hate to admit it, but this year has had a significant impact on all businesses. VMotion is no exception to the impact, owing primarily to the use of data centres. If you have been a VMotion customer for a while, you will be aware that we have not raised our prices in the last few years.

Data Centres and Electricity

Data centres consume more electricity than rural homes in Ireland. That is a lot! Over the previous year, VMotion’s prices increased by more than 250%.

Our data centres house our servers that hold your critical data. Servers generate heat, and in order for it to operate properly, we must keep them cool with cooling machines, which consume a lot of electricity.

When will prices increase?

Our prices will change on Wednesday, 1st Feb 2023.

To avoid the effect of the increase you can buy, upgrade, or pay your existing invoices, you can do so at the current price until 31st  Jan 2023

New Pricing from 1st Feb 2023

Hosting Plans

Hosting NameMonthlyAnnually
Unlimited Hosting€8.74€87.49
Personal Hosting€7.70€76.80
Hosting NameAnnually
Professional Hosting€182.66
Starter Web Hosting- Basic€90.99
Corporate Hosting€245.99

VPS Plans

VPS NameMonthlyAnnually
VPS Micro New€24.99€249.90
VPS Advanced New€43.75€437.50

SSL Certificates

SSL NameAnnually
Rapid SSL€23.40
Comodo Essential / Sectigo Essential€29.99
Comodo Instant / Sectigo Instant €52.98

Starting from January 2023, new Comodo SSL will be issued using Sectigo brand.

Domain Renewal

Domain renewal prices for the TLDs will be increased and will be updated to you. The .ie domain renewal prices are priced as per the below table. All our prices are VAT inclusive.

Renewal PeriodPrice
1 year€29.99
2 years€59.98
3 years€89.97
4 years€119.96
5 years€149.95
6 years€179.94
7 years€209.93
8 years€239.92
9 years€269.91
10 years€299.90