Work from Home- Main Things to Consider

We are confined to our homes, practicing social distancing and trying  to beat the spread of the deadly corona virus COVID-19. For the past couple of weeks, we are adjusting to the idea of working from home, and it is a big change in our working pattern. Going back to the office to work now seems uncertain for the foreseeable future. In a situation like this, how do you make sure to be productive and keep the work and your team going? Here are a few things to consider that might improve your productivity when working form home. 

Look for the benefits of working remotely

This is the most important thing. A great many people around the world have either lost their jobs or are at a risk of losing their employment. There are people who cannot work from home. On the positive side, you are saving commute time, avoiding the stress of traffic and leaving less carbon footprint behind. Shift your focus towards the benefits of working remotely. 

Workspace – Setup your home office

Try and select a suitable work area at home which is comfortable. Setup the working area with suitable furniture. Make sure the chosen place has enough light, air and stable internet connection. Cleanup the place at the end of the day so that you have it ready for the next day. 

Over communicate with colleagues

  1. Setup a meeting with your team and hear them out. Ask them their suggestions and plan a way to work it out. Understand that not everyone is in a position to work in the same way. Some might have to take care of their kids or elderly people. Ask them what’s the best time they can work and plan accordingly.
  2. Plan everyday meeting and fix on a time which works for all.
  3. Invest in a communication tool. If you don’t have a project management or work management software, it is worth considering one. For the video calls or audio calls you can use Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting and Slack. For team collaboration you could use collaboration software, service desk solution or other remote meeting option. Get in touch with us, we will provide free advise on what works best for your company

Inform your family members

This is as important as your team meetings. Inform your family members about your work schedule and plan your day with them accordingly. Especially for people with kids, plan your work schedule with regular intervals of time off if you need to spend time with your children.  

Plan your day

Prepare a to-do list. Breakdown your tasks and assign time accordingly. Find a work buddy, a colleague, check on one another to keep yourself on the right track and be motivated.

Take time off

Even while social distancing social interaction is very important. Take breaks in-between work.  Talk to your children, your family members or check on a friend or a relative during your breaks. Plan your coffee breaks and lunch breaks and stick to the timetable. Take small walks in and around your house and do some stretches. Breaks are equally important for your brain and body muscles.

With all these things in the right place, it is also important to stay safe and healthy. Try not to keep a toll on every single corona case, check news once or twice in a day, don’t let yourself dive into anxiety. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and positive news. Consume healthy food and workout at home and keep your mind and body at ease.