3 Tips To Grow Your Site Traffic and Brand

We get it, you want more people to visit your website, you’ve invested so much effort and money into making it look fancy and snappy, but why isn’t it growing? This question crosses the mind of every site owner at some point, which is why we’ve decided to share some of our tips to increase site traffic!

Publish Fresh Content

This may be a no-brainer but you’d be surprised by the amount of people who think they’ll find success by copy-pasting other people’s articles and posts and claiming it as their own original work. If you are a commercial business then this is a very risky game as many companies feel very protective of their content and could end up costing you big time if you’re not careful.

    • Try to post at least  3 posts or articles per week. Do research and stay on top of news relevant to your site or blog.
    • Think of some flashy new ways of attracting new readers with creative titles.  Take ours for example!
    • Get to the point as fast as possible. Many people want to find exactly what they are looking for, in the shortest time possible.
    • Research Research RESEARCH! Always research your content before writing. It takes a good eye to pick out what’s relevant and what’s not and always look at your content from the perspective of the reader, not the creator and see if it would attract YOU as a reader. If not, then back to the drawing board you go.

Find Out Who Your Competitors Are

Chances are you’re not the only one reporting in on the latest gaming news in the world or about the latest beauty product that hit the shelves yesterday so researching your competitors is important.

Many well established news outlets have insider information to new products in their respective fields, allowing them to gain an early advantage on their articles. This is tough for any new blogger or news site to combat. But there are things you can do to work around that.

  • Research your keywords and see what is drawing in the most traffic, in relation to what you are about to post.
  • Analyzing popular content from your competitors allows you to keep an open mind and have creative juices flowing, giving you more room to create something of your own.


Social Media. Start From The Start.

You’ve just finished your site or blog and now it’s ready, clean, fresh and ready for content. But there’s one thing. How do you let people know you exist?! Social media my friends. Having a powerful social media footprint matters more than people give it credit for. Building your social media is just as important as creating fresh content per week, it’s vital that you keep it alive and up to date and use it to cross promote your content! Win-win right?

  • Choosing the right social media for the theme of your site is quite important but in this day and age it’s a must to have an active Twitter and Facebook with maybe a pinch of LinkedIn. Let’s not forget MySpace! *cough*
  • Staying active is key, but do not tag random people who just happened to search a particular keyword you are monitoring! It comes off as creepy and invasive to many users which could leave a very bad image for you in the future.
  • Trial and error. Test and see what the ideal time is for your posts to receive the most engagements.
  • Over promotion is bad, stay away from that.
  • Events, Festivals and meetups are a great way to promote your new site or blog without looking too invasive and you could make a few big friends who can help you on your way!
  • Have Patience. If you are persistent you will see a very steady growth in Traffic.





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