Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting, although sounds like an absolute deal of a lifetime, is not a good practice for legitimate businesses or their websites. For alot of small businesses and startups, owning a website is a crucial aspect for their success. Unfortunately, owning and maintaining a website can be quite expensive. Even if you decide to build a website yourself and cut down on the hiring a professional web designer, you still need to pay for web hosting and a domain name. Although web hosting is not expensive, it is a continuous service that you must pay for. Most web hosting companies charge around $5 to $10 per month for their most basic packages. […]

How to reach your content’s full potential

This may be a no-brainer but you’d be surprised by the amount of people who think they’ll find success by copy-pasting other people’s articles and posts and claiming it as their own original work. If you are a commercial business then this is a very risky game as many companies feel very protective of their content and could end up costing you big time if you’re not careful.

How to use social media to grow your brand

Alright, so in the previous articles that we’ve written, we mentioned that one of the key factors in growing your brand is having a good social media presence, but we never actually explained how you can do that, oops! A good social media presence is like having a live audience in front of you 24/7 who are exposed to your product or content that you’d like to sell or promote. But it’s also important to not make the most common mistakes that rookies make!

3 Tips To Grow Your Site Traffic and Brand

We get it, you want more people to visit your website, you’ve invested so much effort and money into making it look fancy and snappy, but why isn’t it growing? This question crosses the mind of every site owner at some point, which is why we’ve decided to share some of our tips to increase site traffic!

Dell and VMotion IT Solutions sign a six-figure deal for the supply of high-end storage and computing solution

On the 22 November 2012 Dell has disclosed the details of the six-figure deal signed with VMotion IT Solutions. The contract involves provisioning of the high-end storage and computing solution that facilitates the motion of the rapidly growing company towards the corporate services market.

VMotion IT Solutions at Irish Innovation Showcase 2012

The 4th of October has seen one of the Ireland’s largest business events: Irish Innovation Showcase 2012. The event is running for six years now and is growing year-on-year receiving more and more publicity in the press but is yet to get into main media sources. The event was organised by Limerick Institute of Technology and sponsored by DELL.