How to reach your content’s full potential

This may be a no-brainer but you’d be surprised by the amount of people who think they’ll find success by copy-pasting other people’s articles and posts and claiming it as their own original work. If you are a commercial business then this is a very risky game as many companies feel very protective of their content and could end up costing you big time if you’re not careful.



One of the first things you should aim to do with your content is make sure it is consistent. There’s no point making 1-2 posts per 6 months and expecting your brand to benefit from it. In some cases, well timed adverts can bring a spike in your traffic but that’s a very rare occurrence. Aim to publish at least 3 posts or articles per week. This also makes your social media profiles look active and friendly! If your social media looks dead then any new potential customers might be turned off because you aren’t taking care of your image, let alone theirs!



Behind every good marketing campaign there is a team or an individual who spent hours upon hours researching the theme and planning everything carefully to ensure it goes as planned. If there are news around your particular business nichè then do research and see if anyone has already published an article on it! Chances are they have, minutes after the news was published but don’t let that discourage you. If you can write something that is a lot more in depth than those articles and promote it accordingly you will see huge amounts of traffic coming your way!

Unique Content

Okay, we know that sounds really really vague, but hear us out! Unique content is what really gives you the edge to make it or get back to the drawing board. This involves taking a lot of risk with your content by thinking outside the box, sometimes you think so far outside the box that you can’t even see the box anymore!

There isn’t a direct “How to” make unique content because well.. it’s unique as the title implies. The purpose of this section of this article is to break the common train of thought that people have with their content. Many think it must follow a really robust structure like an average high-school English essay. That’s not the case. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from other big companies and bloggers but be careful. Make sure it’s just inspiration you’re taking as anything more could land you in a heap of trouble. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



Having a competitor can be a good and a bad thing for your content. The good thing is that it constantly keeps you on your feet, trying to better your content each time to ensure you’re giving everything you’ve got to beat the competitor. The bad thing is that they are doing the same to you! Find ways to improve your product in a way that capitalises on their blind spots. This way you’re reinforcing your content and products.

A great example of this would be the never ending battle with nVidia and AMD, or Intel and AMD, everyone is picking a fight with AMD lately, poor guys. nVidia and Intel forever will be superior to AMD because of how their brands are built, around reliability and positive world wide adoption.

But AMD plays a key role here, without AMD the prices for all the other competitors would have been through the roof because there was nobody to offer anything on a budget or fight their prices! AMD found it’s nichè in being very budget friendly and reliable. And they are constantly battling their rivals to win over the consumers trust.

In a nutshell, competition is good but very fast paced and intensive. Keeping you on your feet all the time.


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