Everyone wants people to visit their website and gain traction, it’s a fact. But not everyone knows HOW to encourage people to visit their website and gain the target audience they require.

There’s an abundance of different articles throughout the web that tell you to do this and that and “SEO” that to some means absolute gibberish.

Fear not! We have good news for you!

You don’t need to be overly tech savvy or be a marketing genius to boost traffic to your site. You just have to think logically.

Let’s start with a technique that has been proven to be a success time and time again. 


Optimizing Website Content

If your website looks like a messy head of hair, then chances are nobody would want to stick around for too long, let alone come back to it. Make sure the content of your website is organized neatly into categories, have proper URLs and don’t have any hidden artifacts! (Using a ton of “spaces” to center text for example)

Use Google Adwords to research popular keywords for headlines of your posts and articles. This helps tremendously when it comes down to boosting your search engine ranking.


Use pictures! We think that’s fairly self explanatory because nobody wants to stare at a block of text that is the length of a bible verse.

Use compelling headlines and attention grabbing intros to hook your audience from the beginning! Make it look like something you wouldn’t mind spending 10 minutes of your time reading.


Taking Advantage Of Social Media

I think it’s safe to say that nearly all big companies have a Social Media presence. It’s hard to retain popularity and gain more audience in this day and age without keeping up with the modern trends.

If you haven’t done so already, create a Twitter and Facebook account for your website or business at the very least and keep it relatively active if possible (2-3 posts per week are plenty to start off with.)

It’s also incredibly easy to interact with new followers as you can do it through their respective mobile apps!

Using appropriate hashtags and @ mentions will definitely shine a beacon of light on you among other users if you do it right.

Instead of tweeting: “We have opened a website and shop on Grafton Street” Try this: “We have opened a #website and #shop on #GraftonStreet!”

Those minor details will have a big impact on the amount of people that tweet reaches as it has 3 different hashtags that are fairly popular.


Retain Your Current Audience

This is very important. We all have a few websites that we visit on a regular. Why? Because they are interesting and/or are relevant to us. We visit them on a regular because they are topical.

These websites post regularly, are well optimized and are a pleasure to spend a few minutes to maybe an hour of our time on because we are able to catch up on what’s going on in the world in the field that we are interested in. This could be gaming news, the world of business, general news, you name it.

If you are getting high traffic with the first 2 steps then you are definitely gonna want to keep them coming back. Give your audience something to look forward to!

Add user interactive feature to your website like voting polls and a comment section (Make sure you’ve got an anti-spam system set up for that or you’ll have a very hard time)

Post regular, topical content and cross promote it with your social media channels.