Irish Companies using UK Data Services Post Brexit

Irish companies are being advised to review their data services and storage in the UK. The Irish government has issued advice to Irish businesses that may be storing personal data in the UK or UK Cloud Based Services in regards to Brexit. Irish companies need to ensure that all the sufficient protections are in place so that they can seamlessly transfer personal data post Brexit. This includes but is not limited to: mailing lists, payrolls and any data storage or web hosting where personal data is involved. The Government says that it’s currently working with it’s partners in the EU to ensure that all the necessary protections are in place post Brexit. Protection […]

What is GDPR Compliance And Why Do I Need to Do it?

As of the 25th Of May 2018, All businesses that have any data used to identify an individual MUST be GDPR Compliant. GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) is designed to harmonize data and privacy laws across the entirety of Europe and give power to the citizens of the EU to the control of their digital footprint. What Does This Mean For My Business? It’s important to understand that the goal of GDPR is not to punish businesses, but instead to protect every individual’s personal information and make their rights more known. This means that your business must comply with the laws to avoid some of the monstrous fines that follow should the your business fail […]

Best Hosting Solutions For Startups

There are many different types of hosting out there that sometimes you might just get lost amongst all the different options! But do not fear, VMotion is here! For a startup business, you know well and true that your decision on your hosting solution will be one of the tipping points for the future of your business. But there are many articles out there that are sponsored, or affiliate related that just scream “Buy from us!” that you can’t help but feel like you’re walking into a trap. This article will give you unbiased and informative advice on the best way to meet the hosting needs of your startup business. There are a […]

VMotion IT Solutions at Irish Innovation Showcase 2012

The 4th of October has seen one of the Ireland’s largest business events: Irish Innovation Showcase 2012. The event is running for six years now and is growing year-on-year receiving more and more publicity in the press but is yet to get into main media sources. The event was organised by Limerick Institute of Technology and sponsored by DELL.

Surviving a difficult customer: real life guide

The customer We all know that “The Customer” is of paramount importance to every successful business and to keep customers satisfied we should run that extra mile. This is a wonderful concept and an opportunity for SMEs to win customers from large corporations. But how long is that extra mile? How much can you sacrifice without feeling abused?